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by Joan MacLeod

a one woman show

Gracie is a one person show written by Siminovitch Prize-winning and legendary Canadian playwright Joan MacLeod. It follows the story of Gracie, a young girl growing up in a fundamentalist Latter-day Saint community tucked away in Bountiful, British Columbia. Through Gracie’s eyes we see a life enriched in family, community, and faith. However, she dreams of a life beyond what she knows. As the play continues, loved ones are lost one by one to the unavoidable fate of plural marriage and excommunication.


Gracie is brilliant in its compassion and understanding of a little known and sensationalized culture. It tells the story through a vehicle of heart, childlike curiosity and fun amidst authoritarian rule, patriarchal oppression, and sexual abuse both historic and ongoing within the FLDS organization.


Directed by award winning theatre director Jessica Anne Nelson (Excavation Theatre), and performed by virtuosic actor Amy King, this production is a gripping, provocative exploration of identity and inner strength.


Gracie (+14 characters): Amy King


Playwright: Joan MacLeod
Directed by: Jessica Anne Nelson
Stage Manager: Ivana Franz
Sound Designer: Shona Struthers
Costume Designer: Amy King

Lighting Designer: Adam Prokop

Projection Designer: Evan Walsh

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Cultch Extra 1.jpg

Gibsons, BC
Heritage Playhouse
February 16th-18th

Vancouver, BC
Vancity Culture Lab
February 22nd-25th

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