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"A highlight for me was a scene where Amy King sings and dances under a spotlight...The juxtaposition was effective, and King’s graceful movements...really conveyed an intimate tenderness that was quite arresting.

- Erin Jane , Review Vancouver

"... the cast of Sense and Sensibility tackle the text with evident delight in the intricacies of language, and excel at conveying mood.  Elinor’s pleas as Marianne lies ill would move even the most hardened and cynical heart—in this moment, Amy King shines as the loving and distraught sister."

- Janis Lacouvee,

Amy is a prairie girl originally from Saskatchewan. She grew up performing at a young age;  singing in a family band, writing plays and stories, and taking dance and piano lessons. In high school she was in her first musical, joined the improv team, and fell in love with the theatre. She auditioned for the Canadian College of Performing Arts, was accepted, and made the move to Victoria.


She graduated from the three year program at CCPA, and while she has traveled BC for multiple performing contracts, she permanently resides in Vancouver continuing her career in film and theatre.


Amy is trained as an actor, singer, and dancer, and has experience in music directing, choreography, stage management, directing, sound design, teaching, costume design, and her most challenging role to date, accompanying a musical on stage and running lights at the same time.


Special Skills:

Instruments: Piano, Ukelele, Melodica

Accents: British, General American, Southern

Basic Armed and Unarmed Stage Combat

American Refugee

American Refugee

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