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I am an Intimacy Professional on my journey towards certification. Resume with Intimacy credits available upon request. 

INtimacy Specific Training

Level 1 and 2 of Intimacy Directors and Coordinators (IDC)

Best Practices - Theatrical Intimacy Education 

How to Navigate Intimacy in the Classroom - Natasha Martina

Consent in Combat / Fight Directors Canada- Sam Jeffery and Phay Moores

"...Amy was incredibly kind, patient, and had amazing communication with not only myself, but our cast and the rest of my crew. She thoughtfully broke down the intimate scenes with me and created a safe space for the kind of emotional level we were going for while keeping everyone's comfort in mind. She brought a bright, positive vibe to the set!"

- Mia Martinez , Director

Selected supportive Training

courses and workshops

Staging Cultural and Historical Intimacy / NSIP (January 2023)

Gender and Sexuality: Applications in Society / UBCx (July  2022)

Indigenous Canada / University of Alberta, CourseEra (August 2022)

Introduction to Land Based Practices / Arts Club Theatre Company (August 2022)

Bystander Intervention in the Workplace / Right To Be (May 2022)

supportive certifications

Mental Health First Aid / Mental Health Commission of Canada ( May 2022)

formal training

Canadian College of Performing Arts - Enriched Diploma with Honors

(3 year conservatory training)

Fight Specific Training

Basic Actor Combatant - Fight Directors Canada (Certified 2022)

fight instructors

Unarmed - Mike Kovak (FDC cert)

Single Sword - Tammy Everett (FDC cert)

Quarterstaff - Rico Pfeiffer (FDC cert)

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